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Hanging Planters


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Step 1: Get a metal or wooden ring, scissors, and some cotton or nylon rope.

I used a few different ropes in both cotton and polypropylene. The thinner cotton rope stretches quite a lot, but as I was planning to hang small, light pots, I wasn’t too concerned. Heavier pots would work better with polyprop rope.

Step 2: Cut four equal lengths of rope.

I made these ones 2 metres long, but cut them longer if you’re planning a long drop.

Step 3: Thread the four pieces of rope through the ring and situate the ring in the centre.

Now 8 pieces of rope are hanging down.

Tie a simple knot with all 8 pieces just below the ring.

Step 4: At this point, it becomes easier to work if you hang the ring from something like a door handle so that you can see how gravity affects your actions.

Measure down about 20cm and tie two adjacent pieces of rope together.

Do this all around so you have four knots at the same level.

Step 5: Take the rope below two of the knots and tie one piece of one to a piece of another about 10cm down. Do the same with the rope below the next knotted section, until you have eight knots all at the same level.

Step 6: Gather all 8 pieces together about 7cm down and tie them all up in a big knot. Trim the rope ends with your scissors, and if you’re using polyprop rope, give each end a lick with a flame to seal it.

Step 7: Slip your pot into the holder, resting the base on the big knot at the bottom. Voila!




– – – – – – – – – –

+ 4 lengths of cord measuring at least 1.5 meters (I used super long shoelaces – but you can use paracord instead)
+ About 50cm of cord (I used a contrasting colour)
+ Glass vase….a jam jar works just as well.
+ Elastic band (optional)
+ Some flowers!

– – – – – – –

First of all you need to master the Josephine knot. Check out the animated gif below. Once you have done this follow the rest of the instructions below:


1. Find somewhere to work…a wall hook works well, or you can use a door handle! Hang your ring on the hook and thread your cords through the ring at their halfway point. You should have 8 working cords.

2. Now you need to do a gathering knot. Chop your extra piece of cord into two pieces. Take one piece and form a loop as shown

3. Take the right-hand section of cord and wind it tightly round the 8 cords. You should do this about 6 times.

4. Now take your bottom-tail and thread it through the loop at the bottom.

5. Pull on the upper tail.

6. Keep pulling until the loop is tucked inside the cord wrap. You can trim the ends. Depending on your cord you may need to seal the ends with a lighter to stop them from fraying. (Take care with this step and practise on a spare piece of cord first).

7. Leave a gap then tie a Josephine knot using the front four pieces of cord.

8. Turn your curtain ring around and repeat step with the back four pieces of cord.

9. Leave a gap again and tie two more Josephine knots as shown.

10. Pop your vase/jar inside and see how it fits. You may need to alter the position of the Josephine knot depending on the shape of the vessel you use. Put an elastic band around the eight cords so that your vase/jar is well supported. Take the other piece of cord and tie another gathering knot at the bottom.



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